Why you should consider website maintenance service

Having a website is something that is mandatory web management service . But the fact that web and  content in the world that number continues to grow, then have a website alone was still not sufficient to bring in customers. To get optimal impact from the website then the more important is doing maintenance (maintenance) website professionally. Basically, there are so many reasons why web development service is important for the growth of your company.

1. Google is now more selective in displaying search results

The amount of content on the internet more and more, making Google as a search engine service that controls 70% of world search websites, tightened its search results. Only quality websites will appear on the first page. Quality Web content and quality in terms of technical presentation (Google Friendly / SEO).

2. Customers want to get a quick response from the manager

Internet users now, in Indonesia in particular, are getting smarter and selective. They are not just looking for products, but also comparing them. The factor of comparison also many, besides product quality, one that is determining is a speed of service of website manager in giving the response.