Depression, Where to Worry?

Depression can be experienced by anyone. The signs include despair, hopelessness, self-blame, no desire to do anything, and withdraw from the environment. Many factors that trigger a person to become depressed, ranging from the loss of a loved one, the burden of economic and work, until the consequences of trauma experienced a disaster. People who are depressed can have a desire to commit suicide. Suicide is certainly not a solution to solve a problem. The main key and the first thing to do to overcome the symptoms of depression is to talk. Feel free to tell the burden of thoughts, personal problems, or feelings of sadness to those closest to you. If you find this symptom in you, immediately you join us

Everyone must have problems in his life. Believe me, there is always a way out to overcome it. There is no need for fear to pour out the heart or vent to friends and family. In fact, you can tell it to the Creator. In addition, there are psychologists and psychiatrists. Nothing wrong with consulting with the experts. Doctor Andri revealed, many people who are wrong view the condition of depression.