Give Rewards When Your Dog’s Behaviour Is Good

Whenever you train a dog for certain habits, you must have a reward ready to give. Choose something that golden lab love so much. The better the rewards, the easier it will be to train your dog. If the dog likes to play, you can try using his favorite toy and play with him when the dog barks. However, most people will find that the rewards of food are the most effective way to teach a dog.

The best food gifts are the foods your dog loves most and are also easy to carry, easily divided into sections and healthy. Use different types of snacks so your dog does not get bored. Some of the foods you can try to give are:

– A set of mozzarella cheese.
– Chicken is overcooked.
– Meat Rolade (available at the pet store).
– Dog biscuits that have been broken or snacks to train dogs sold in stores.
– Young carrots or frozen peas (for dogs on a diet).