Determining Tenses in English Sentences

Most of the beginners of English learners are more likely to try to memorize all the tenses formula in order to understand English tenses. Well, so my friend does not have confusion in determining which tenses will be used in your English sentences,  you should look at some of the following things!

Tenses Name Is Not First and foremost
The names of tenses such as present tense, past tense and other tenses only serve as a distinction between a sentence pattern and other sentence patterns. So, my best advice is to not determine the tenses to be used under the name of the tenses. More precisely, know and learn the use of each tense, for example when you study the present tense, and then you should find out the present tense is used for any situation.

Do not focus on Second Tense Formulas
To comprehend tenses comprehensively, you cannot just look at it from one side or from the form of the sentence alone. But from two other sides: the use and meaning of the names of the tenses so that you can determine the appropriate tenses and in harmony with what is meant by the reader or your opponent.