Symptoms and How to Handle Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a condition in which a man can not erect and penetrate. Every time he will penetrate he always has trouble. Even if he managed to do it, he will not be able to survive long to hold an erection when making love. Visit to know how to handle it.

Symptoms of erectile dysfunction include:

– Difficulty getting erection
– Difficulty maintaining an erection
– Reduced sexual arousal

Erectile dysfunction is medically explained that the cause of men experiencing this condition because there are abnormalities in blood vessels, abnormalities in the penis, the influence of certain drugs, abnormalities of the nervous system and psychic problems that affect the sexual passion that disappears. In general, the cause of erectile dysfunction due to physical factors mostly found in men who have advanced age. While psychic factors mostly experienced by young men.

Not only because of the age factor, other physical factors that cause a large male erectile dysfunction is a penchant for consuming alcoholic beverages, prostate or rectal surgery, spinal diseases on the lower side, stroke, multiple sclerosis, diabetes mellitus, injuries and so on.

As for the causes of erectile dysfunction due to psychological factors, among which are doubts about the sex (experienced by the transgender), fear to have sex, feelings of guilt, anxiety, depression and so forth. One solution to eradicate erectile dysfunction is to live a healthy lifestyle, namely through some types of food below:

– Watermelon

This summer’s fruit contains not only a lot of water but also high L-citrulline and lycopene, two components that can do wonders in a man’s life. Citrulline helps blood vessels to relax and improve blood circulation which helps to keep erections longer. While lycopene prevents a man from erectile dysfunction.

– Cocoa

Rich in flavonoids and antioxidants. These two ingredients will increase blood circulation in the body. Cocoa is not only good for heart health but also maintain stamina and male erection.

– Banana

This yellow-skinned fruit contains a lot of potassium which keeps the sodium levels in the body under control. Press the blood will go down and blood circulation increases. Bananas also help increase testosterone production.