Plastic Waste in the Sea Can Cause Cancer

Plastic waste is discharged into the sea, not only damaging the marine ecosystem, but also threatening public health. Microplastic is the result of weathering plastic waste, which is consumed fish, can cause cancer if the fish was consumed by humans. Given the vast number of plastic waste currently floating in the sea, the public is actively cleaning them for marine ecosystems to be maintained as described in the article

Apart from that, the waste that goes into the sea (marine debris), generally contains a lot of plastic and metal. Both undergo a long and decomposition process of 50 – 400 years.

Micro-plastic can be consumed by small fish and medium fish. Also, predators are further into the food chain (food chain).

Micro-plastic is eaten by fish feared to be one source of toxic carcinogens. The poison has the potential to enter the food chain to be consumed by humans.

The research was conducted at the University of California, Davis (UC Davis). The study was conducted on 64 fish from 12 species and 12 shells. The results showed 67% of the fish and 25% of the shellfish ate micro-plastic size 0.3 – 5.9 mm at Halfmoon Bay Fish Market, California.