The Spirit Carries On

I was cracked by a bit of luck I received; along with difficulties in a short time. Next time, I would not expect more. If not to me, then do not convey. If not with me, then do not close. If it were not for me, then do not give it. God created a broken heart so that light can easily go inside. Anyhow later, thanks, angeli has never been a possibility that I never craved.

We will be confronted with the length of the journey; maybe you will be tired until you are too focused with what you ask, to forget to feel grateful. Then for a moment start filling up, delivering your letter to angeli-in the unspeakable part will remain lit, behind the words that gradually extinguished. The proof that someone sometimes forgets if it has a better than desired. Bad worldviews always an obscure awareness of any kind. You deserve to leave the past, do not try to dream about the future, just make sure your life is going well one day.