These Five Countries Have Huge Amount Of Quota Of Hajj, Whether Your Country is In It?

For Muslims, running the pilgrimage is one of the main goals of life. For that, many Muslims are saving in the yearly period in order to go to the holy land. However, many Muslims are not able to perform their worship quietly due to various distractions, such as the uncomfortable and expensive travel pilgrimage and many other reasons. Now, you no longer need to worry because you can choose for your best haj travel.

A large number of Muslims in the world makes Saudi Arabia must provide additional quota in the following countries:

1. Indonesia has the largest hajj quota with a total of 168,000 and is granted an additional to 221,000.

2. Pakistan, this country has a quota of 143,368 has annually.

3. India, this country is given a quota of 136,000 pilgrims and gets an additional 170,025. The time to wait for the pilgrims from this country to go to Mecca is about 4 years.

4. Bangladesh, this country usually dispatches congregation with 101,758 pilgrims.

5. Nigeria, the quota for this country is only 76,000 and the demand is only about 51,000 people of the congregation.