Interesting Facts from Pacific Rim

After the appearance of the Transformer, the robot’s charm in the movie is getting crazy. The emergence of the Pacific Rim increasingly spoil connoisseurs of similar-themed movies. Especially when you come from a generation that is familiar with Japanese films that always bring the robot against the monster. Pacific Rim will answer the longing for nostalgia, but with more stunning images. Watch this movie by visiting

Here are some interesting facts about this movie:

– Double Pilot
The burden a pilot had to bear to operate Jaeger was too heavy. In January 2015, in a Brawler Yukon trial, the first Jaeger made by PPDC, his first pilot, Captain Adam Casey, died after a severe seizure and his controlled Jaeger fell.

– Robots characterize the Owner State
The robot figure is created fully in accordance with the characteristics of the own country and has the advantage of each weapon. For example, the appearance of Russia’s exterior Cherno Alpha seems cold with metal color dominance only. While the device is also dominated by black color. Even the signature gesture is similar to that of a typical Siberian wrestler.