Choosing Fast Internet as needed

Today’s Internet is like everyday basic needs if there is no internet connection a day just seems to be in stone age hehe .. yes at least connect with friends on social networking from a smartphone. If not many social networking applications that can be accessed through mobile phones, the phone only serves as an SMS or phone, but now the phone is almost the same as a computer that can almost do all the usual we do on the computer. Internet connection becomes very important because social needs, jobs, news or just as entertainment by reading articles online or watching videos and downloading mp3. Internet needs vary for each person depending on their style in using the internet. of all the internet speed becomes very important to stay comfortable while surfing online. As, as the largest provider of communication service via satellite in Indonesia has been trusted by thousands of customers to meet customer needs.

Mangoesky is a quota-based satellite internet broadband service from PT. Multimedia Nusantara (Metrasat). Mangoesky services to meet the needs of broadband internet and entertainment both housing and individual, and support the middle to lower (SME / SME / SME / SME / SME / SME) business especially for prospective customers in remote areas. Internet connection throughout Indonesia. Using satellite technology as a connection medium, Mangoesky can reach all areas in Indonesia that are not reached by terrestrial communication such as Fiber Optic, copper cable, radio and GSM. Internet access up to 2 Mbps. Mangoesky provides internet speed up to 2 Mbps so customers can enjoy the connection comfortably.