Choice Of Colors For Classical Homes

It is not easy to find the right paint color for a house with a classic theme. As a result, color choices are limited to white only. Try to be more creative by combining some color shading that you never imagined before. You can visit, and we will share tips with you.

– Mint
The fresh mint color, often reminiscent of the variants of pastel colors used in medieval Europe. Mint is suitable for all the atmosphere, in addition to the sweet impression caused, he blends well with the classic furniture in your room.

– Salmon is bright
If you are worried about choosing a pink color because it will look too sweet, or orange color is too bright, then just choose the middle color between them. Yes, the color of bright salmon is rarely used. In fact, this one color can be an unexpected choice that fits perfectly with antique furniture and classic impression. Its natural impression gives warmth, while bright colors keep the freshness of the room.