The types of tire damage that can’t be repaired

When your tires leak or deflated, you must immediately patch it. However, there is a leaking tire that cannot be patched. How come? If the car tire leaks on the side or the tire wall, you are not advised to patch it. Meanwhile, you can also this site to check our best prices for our finest tire alignment service.

If this happens, better replace with new tires. Why?

If the tire wall is leaking, then the tire thread has broken off, although the tire yarn on the tire wall is the foundation for tire power.

Therefore if there is a leak on the side or the tire wall is not recommended for patched, it is better recommended to replace the tire.

In addition to leaking in the tire wall, there is still one leak in the tire that cannot be patched.

This is when the tire is torn too big.

This generally happens because the tires grazed the sidewalks, separators, or other sharp objects.

As long as only about the outer wall of the tire and not until there is a deep damage which it can still be glued.